A disappointing reunion

A disappointing reunion
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When a lover is freed from jail after many years, the anticipation of the reunion can hold more pleasure than the reality. Take the case of Dannette Giglio, a 56-year-old woman, who waited faithfully for Orlando, her fiance, after he was incarcerated for six years for possession of stolen property and endangerment.

Just months after his release last year, their relationship turned into a grim shadow of what Dannette had expected. Orlando, 44, had trouble adjusting to freedom, says Dannette. His job search led no where. The couple began to argue and fight. In December, when we went to interview Dannette, Orlando had just stormed out of her apartment. She said she had called the police because he had threatened to kill her.

Orlando moved to Virginia, says Dannette, where he lives with his mother. Despite the turmoil, she clings to the hope that it had been worth waiting for him for six years. She said she plans to visit him in Virginia to patch up their relationship.

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