Makeba's Column: A special Mother's Day

Lives in Focus is launching a new weekly video column by 23-year-old Makeba Lavan, a young woman whose mother was incarcerated until late 2005.

Makeba is a passionate public speaker and advocate for childrens’ rights. Using her personal experience as a child of an incarcerated parent and the experience of youth that she has come in contact with, she works to expose the current injustices of the legal system while also calling for reforming the U.S. penal system.

If you are a child of someone who is incarcerated and you have a question for Makeba, you have three options:

1) Post a question in the comments section below,

2) Send an email to [email protected],

3) Call (646) 867-1891 to leave a message.

Makeba also welcomes questions from others who might simply be interested in knowing more about how the life of children is affected when a parent is incarcerated.

While Lives in Focus will produce Makeba’s columns and offer some editorial guidance, she is free to express her thoughts and sentiments unfettered by the bias of those of us who have not experienced what she has since childhood. But please keep in mind that Makeba’s views do not necessarily represent those of Lives in Focus. We have loaned a camera to Makeba bought using the generous funds raised earlier this year from our audience.

In her first column, Makeba introduces us to her mother as the two prepare to spend their first ever Mother’s Day together.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: What was your experience spending Mother’s Day with your mother after she was released?

[Use the comments feature below or call (646) 867-1891 to leave an audio message.]

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Sandeep Junnarkar is the founder and editorial director of Family Lives Behind Bars.