Makeba's Column: Who is your parent?

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Makeba describes how children form impressions of the incarcerated parent when he or she is missing from the child’s daily life.

In her previous column, Makeba discussed how she would raise children but why she is not quite ready for that responsibility herself. In her first column, she introduced her mother as the two prepared to spend their first mother’s day together.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: What are some impressions you have formed about your incarcerated parent? And when you visit, how true is that impression compared to the real person?

[Use the comments feature below or call (646) 867-1891 to leave an audio message.]

If you are a child of someone who is incarcerated and you have a question for Makeba, you have three options:

1) Post a question in the comments section below,

2) Send an email to [email protected],

3) Call (646) 867-1891 to leave a message.

Makeba also welcomes questions from others who might simply be interested in knowing more about how the life of children is affected when a parent is incarcerated.

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