Family Life Behind Bars gets an overhaul

This project, which examines the impact on family relations and dynamics when one or more member of a family is incarcerated, is getting an overhaul at several levels–from a new look to a new philosophy. The makeover is possible with the help of a generous grant.

Drew Geraets, the digital media manager for the project (and for CUNY Graduate School of Journalism), has created a multi-layered design that really captures the new philosophy having storytelling from various sources. The stories shared on this site will come from three sources:

  1. Professional journalists will write profiles about people affected by incarceration and also provide news pieces about this subject.
  2. People who have been affected by incarceration and who have attended media workshops will tell their own stories in their own words. We have a several new columnists who will join us, starting with Davian Reynolds who introduces himself in his first column.
  3. The third group will be people who stumble across the site and want to share their own stories with this community. These folks can join the community to post their own photos, videos and audio.

I realize that not everyone has a broadband Internet connection to upload video, audio and photos, so I invite them to join the conversation by using their cell phones or home phones to call us and to leave a message. The number is 646-867-1891.

I also have several new columnists who will come online over the next month and some innovative Web programming that will begin to appear over the next month.

Come back often to visit, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

We are going to examine the impact of incarceration on families in a nuanced and intelligent way. With such a large number of Americans in prison, we need to have a better understanding of how this affects our communities and families.

Thank you to the Knight Foundation, J-Lab and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, among others, for helping to bring this important issue to light.

Sandeep Junnarkar
Editorial Director and Founder
Lives in Focus: Family Life Behind Bars

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Sandeep Junnarkar is the founder and editorial director of Family Lives Behind Bars.