Arts Competition Poem: Incarcerated

The first time I got locked up I knew it was a plan,
I knew who was and who wasn’t ma manz,
I’m incarcerated,
I go to court sit down and my moms is waiting,
Now I’m locked up living in this cold world,
I can’t stop thinking ’bout hot girls,
It’s all my fault,
Instead of doing bad things I should’ve thought,
I should’ve thought about staying in my house,
Sitting on the couch, and watching TV,
Instead I was roaming the streets,
Getting high on weed,
Being locked up is like being away from the world,
When you have gone somebody else kisses ya girl,
I thought I was living in the lime life,
But ma moms told me I was living in the crime life,
Smoking weed, drinking liquor trying to get my mind right,
I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,
I was with the wrong people doing bad crimes,
And that’s what you call temptation,
I don’t wanna a bad reputation,
I wanna education,
And be remembered for my hard work and dedication,
As days go on I start getting stronger,
Physically, mentally
Then I start to wonder,
If I wasn’t locked up would I be 6-feet under,
I wanna make it in life and feel elevated,
And not be a person that has never made it,
I know my family is devastated,
That I’m incarcerated…

Prince, age 15

About Sandeep Junnarkar

Sandeep Junnarkar is the founder and editorial director of Family Lives Behind Bars.