Arts competition submissions to be posted this week

People who have an incarcerated family member naturally cycle through a range of difficult emotions as the years slowly pass. Some express their sadness, anxiety and fear or hope for the future through art, music or poetry.

To honor that artwork, Family Life behind Bars invited people to enter what they have produced that reflects those emotions.

Over the next few days, this site will post poems, artworks and photographs that people submitted by the Dec. 1, 2008 deadline. After all the submissions have been posted, you’ll have an opportunity to vote for your favorite pieces.

The winners will receive checks for the following amounts: The first prizewinner will receive $200; the second prizewinner will receive $100; and the third prizewinner will receive $50.

Hope you enjoy the work that people have agreed to share with you.

About Sandeep Junnarkar

Sandeep Junnarkar is the founder and editorial director of Family Lives Behind Bars.