Multimedia reporter joins Lives in Focus

Maya Pope-Chappell, a graduate student at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, has joined Lives in Focus’s “Family Life Behind Bars” project as a multimedia journalist.

Last month, I was conducting one of my free workshops for youth who have an incarcerated parent when Maya approached me to ask is she could help. And now, in addition to helping with the workshops, she’ll be reporting and producing pieces using audio, video, photographs and text to help broaden the site’s coverage. She will also co-host a Web radio show starting next week.

Maya is an Oakland, CA native who moved to New York last year to pursue a Masters’ degree at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.  Her freelance articles have appeared in newspapers such as the Brooklyn Heights Courier, Contra Costa Times, and the Brooklyn Free Press, and online for sites like the Amsterdam News,, and

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Sandeep Junnarkar is the founder and editorial director of Family Lives Behind Bars.