Listen Now: "Drop the Rock"

Last night, Makeba and I hosted the second web radio program. Our first guest was Caitlin Dunklee of the Correctional Association of New York and coordinator of the “Drop the Rock” campaign. She spoke about the Rockefeller Drug Law Reform Bill and the efforts being made to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

We were also joined by two former inmates sentenced under the Rockefeller Drug Laws, Eric Marsh and Heloise Gibson.

Marsh was sentenced in 1992 for aiding and abetting in the sale of 2.2 oz. of cocaine and was released in 2003 after serving 11 years in prison. He’s now the Assistant Clinical Director at Queens Village Committee for Mental Health for the Jamaica Community Adolescent Program (J-CAP).

Gibson was also sentenced under the Rockefeller Drug laws but now serves as the Pastor and Executive Director of Broken Chains Prison Ministry Outreach.

During the program, the two spoke about their experience behind bars, their transition back into society and the impact of their incarceration on their family.

Listen below to hear what you missed. We welcome feedback on this episode as well as suggestions for future shows so please leave a comment below.

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