Web radio: Documentary filmmaker- Children of incarcerated parents speak

twil1aIt’s been a few months since the last show but the web radio show is back.  On Wednesday, October 7 at 9 p.m. EST, Makeba and I will be talking to Marika Turano, the documentary filmmaker of The Word Is Love.  Capturing the voices of children affected by arrest and incarceration, The Word Is Love looks at the impact of incarceration, but from a child’s point of view.

During the show, Turano will talk about the film and how the children featured in the film handled the impact of their parent(s) incarceration, including life with their caretakers, handling the stigma of incarceration, their feelings about their incarcerated parent and life after their parents are released.

One of the children featured in the film, Kasem“Chuckie” Watson, will also join us during the show.  Watson, whose mother was incarcerated for four years, will talk about the impact that his mother’s incarceration had on his life, and how he forged a relationship with her following her release.

Ms. Lorraine Watson Sr., the grandmother featured in the film who became the caretaker of her grandchildren while their mother was imprisoned, will also join the show.  Watson Sr. will discuss the impact that incarceration had on her life and the sacrifices she had to make.

Check out the link for a clip of the film below from the film and be sure to listen live during the show.  You can listen online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/familylifebehindbars or by calling (347) 326-9981.  You can also ask questions or speak your mind during the show by dialing (347) 326-9981 and pressing 1, or by leaving a comment on the site.

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