Poem: “Choices….”

Michelle Rodriguez with her husband

Michelle Rodriguez with her husband

Through the years
I’ve seen it all
I’ve seen his rise
And I’ve seen his fall

Jack of all trades, master of the moment

Money was good he was on top of the game

he had that ghetto fame

then one day it was all gone the houses, the money, the cars

just like that he was taken away , gone very far.

now its no longer a game.

He must deal with the consequences of those choices he made

and hope and pray he will be home one day.

The choices you make define the course of your life,

Life is like a boomerang, everything you do will come back to you
As we all walk through life we make choices that affect lives of someone you know or love

The circumstances you are finding yourself in are perfect for the choices you have made…

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About Michelle Rodriguez

People come into your life for a reason; the negative☠ people usually are there to teach you what you don't want to become, treat you how you don't want to be treated, and to show you what you don't deserve. Embrace them, let them teach you, and then let them go... I am Living as a single mother of two amazing children. I married my husband in 2001 and he was incarcerated in 2006, I decided to wait and so I wait....