Poem: “The Big White Building on the Concourse”

Bronx Supreme Court

Bronx Supreme Court

The big white building on the concourse
Where I heard 28 to life
And the world before me shattered
Darkness came over me
In an unknown place with many passage ways
I was left alone
My vision, my light was taken away
Unknowing which way to go
What path to choose
Picking paths to discover dead ends
Only to start all over at the beginning

Mistakes I’ve made my share
I’ve learned, I think
I had to grow quickly from
A young girl to a woman
Since that day life wasn’t the same.

The big white building on the concourse
Where your future is determined
Where his freedom stopped
A piece of me put away – locked
Unknowing when it will be free again
When I’ll be felicitous in his arms again

The big white building on the concourse
A dark place
A cave, dungeon
Where my soul stayed many years ago
Where my soul still remains!

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