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Family Life Behind Bars Radio spoke with Greg Cohen of Cause Effective, a group that advices non-profits on fundraising and fiscal planning. The discussion focused on helping small organizations that provide services to people with a loved one in prison.

Cohen agreed that groups that deal with criminal justice issues or help families with a loved one in prison have never been high priority for most foundations or government programs. The prospects of finding support and funding during these tough economic times is “pretty much near the bottom” for such organizations. Still he had many invaluable tips on surviving the economic downturn and its impact on nonprofits and groups that provide social services.

Here’s a list of just a few of the tips Cohen provided on keeping your nonprofits or one-person organizations and their programs healthy. Listen to the embedded audio segment for more details.

  • Don’t start off fundraising, “friend-raise” instead: Showcase your organization and its work to people who might take interest and at some point begin to support it.
  • Careful taking government funding: There are so many bureaucratic requirements that you could find yourself spending more time writing reports than running your programs.
  • Find an “official” supporter: If you are considering seeking government funding, find a city council member or local official who is supportive of your cause to guide you through the funding maze and lobby on your behalf.

For more details  on these and other tips, listen to the embed below:

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