A collaboration with women affected by their partners’ incarceration

Family Life Behind Bars and Prison Wives Girlfriends and Partners are launching a collaborative effort to reveal how incarceration affects personal relationships. This is the first of our monthly surveys to explore different aspects of how people cope with the separation emotionally, socially and financially. Some of the surveys will be lighter while others will take on more upsetting topics.

Our first survey:

When you have a big moment ahead, something you’ve been fretfully awaiting, you rehearse that second over and over in your mind.

When it finally arrives, the reality is that we often react in a way we never anticipated.

Here’s a moment you all can relate to: the moment your loved one finally walks into the house after a prison term.

What’s the first thing you will say to your loved one the moment he or she returns home after prison?

This survey will remain open until Nov. 15, 2011. We’ll then share the results with you in a way to better visualize people’s “First words.”

[See results here. No results? Then be the first to share what you will say.]

No results? Then be the first to share what you will say!

About Sandeep Junnarkar

Sandeep Junnarkar is the founder and editorial director of Family Lives Behind Bars.