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A member of the Fortune Society, a non-profit that helps inmates adjust to life outside, leads a group counseling session in New York in 2009.

Trinity, a member of the Family Life Behind Bars community, posed this question:

My mother was just sentenced to 3-9 years for second degree grand larceny. I am a mom of two teenagers. Life seems so unfair. The pain and worry are almost to much to bare. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is any other way to get money on a commisary account other then by mail or dropping it off? Are there any support groups for families of the prisoners? What services are available to inmates? Is there a website for Bedford Hills Correctional Facility?

I decided to answer those questions this week in my monthly video column:

Click on the player above or download this video here. (iPhone version)
If you are a child of someone who is incarcerated and you have a question for me, you have three options:

  1. Post a question in the comments section below,
  2. Send an email to [email protected],
  3. Call (646) 867-1891 to leave a message.

I also welcome questions from others who might simply be interested in knowing more about how the life of children is affected when a parent is incarcerated.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: Have you turned to support groups and how did that help you through this time in your life?

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