Listen now: Financial advice for families and the formerly incarcerated

Monday’s show was truly informative.  Makeba and I spoke with Mark S. La Spisa, financial advisor, President and co-founder of Vermillion Financial Advisors Inc. (VFA).  During the show, Spisa fielded questions from the listeners and offered helpful financial advice.  Listen to what you missed below and take note of the tips La Spisa had to offer.  I’ve also included some helpful financial resources and tips below:

Benefits Check Up: Benefits program for people with limited income and resources.  (It’s not just for seniors)

Financial Planning Association: Offers helpful (and free) financial advice and tips

Public Assistance (New York Only): Information on how to apply for food stamps, health insurance, job training etc.

List of helpful organizations for formerly incarcerated people.

Also, just some general tips for our readers from Polly Maschinski, Case manager for Private Case Manangement:

* Start looking for benefits from the Federal Gov. and work down to local (City, Village and Township)
* Don’t over look private industry such as churches and hospitals
* Be prepared to wait – applications take time – no only to complete to get the answers
* Be PREPARED have all your documents with you — PROOF is what you will need to provide
* Call or write to your elected officials — you put them in office — they work for you
* Last APPEAL all denials — the denial you receive may only be the first step to the benefits you may eventually receive.

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