Listen now: Terrence Stevens and In Arms Reach

Terrence Stevens, In Arms Reach

Terrence Stevens, In Arms Reach

Makeba was out so I hosted the show last night solo.  I kicked things off with the Program Director of In Arms Reach, Sharieff Clayton.  He was released two years ago after serving 15 years behind bars.

Not only did he talk about the program, a non-profit organization that serves children of incarcerated parents, but he shared what it was like to be locked up, watching his kids grow into teenagers before being release.  He spoke candidly about the difficulty of building a relationship with his own kids, as well as the animosity and abandonment that many of the children he works with feels when their parent is behind bars.

Terrence Stevens, the Founder and Executive Director of In Arms Reach followed.  He talked about his own experience with being locked up while bound to a wheelchair, and how he came to found the program.

Stevens and Clayton offered advice to kids dealing with issues stemming from their parents being locked up, as well as how to keep from falling into the cycle of incarceration.

Listen now to hear what you missed!  As always, please share your thoughts about the show in the comments section.  Feel free to offer suggestions for future shows as well.

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