Video column: Advice to help ill relative in prison

This weeks column focuses on what to do if a loved one is dying in prison. I have provided some resources regarding medical release and grief counseling for families facing this sad situation. If you or someone you know is affected by this issue, the resources included in the video column are:

  • Prison Families of New York
  • The National Prison Hospice Association
  • If you are a child of someone who is incarcerated and you have a question for me, you have three options:

    1. Post a question in the comments section below,
    2. Send an email to [email protected],
    3. Call (646) 867-1891 to leave a message.

    I also welcome questions from others who might simply be interested in knowing more about how the life of children is affected when a parent is incarcerated.

    SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: Have you turned to support groups and how did that help you through this time in your life?

    [Use the comments feature below or call (646) 867-1891 to leave an audio message.]

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    Sandeep Junnarkar is the founder and editorial director of Family Lives Behind Bars.